TLC Trip to Nicaragua

We would appreciate your prayers Jan 5-13 while we are with a TLC team in Nicaragua. They are coming to hand out 1,000 backpacks to school children, fix roofs for the poor and hold evangelistic services. It's going to be a very exciting week. Pray for protection, strength and that God would win many souls!

Also remember our churches here while we are away. God has been helping them, just today three ladies were saved at the new church. Praise God for these victories!


Unknown said...

May Our Lord go with you all and protect you as He has many times before. Looking forward to hearing some good reports.

I trust that God is helping y'all while y'all are in Nicaragua. Our family visited Nicaragua 2 times during 2005-2006. We have great memories from our time that we spent there with fellow missionaries.

I enjoyed watching y'all's missionary presentation in the archives on Hobe Sound's website.
May God be with y'all and give you many souls in 2009.

Dorcas said...

Sounds like you all have your work cut out for you!!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to talk to you. missing you guys a lot.