Nicaragua TLC 2009

We made it back home from a very exciting TLC trip to Nicaragua. A team of 8 arrived in Managua early in the morning with 500 backpacks and Christian literature. Everyone was tired from the late flight out of Florida but nevertheless they were ready for another three hour drive north to where they would be ministering. Most of the week was spent in Ocotal, Nicaragua working along side H.I.M. pastor Julio Villareyna. Our first two days were occupied with buying supplies to fix roofs and preparing for the remaining activities.
The team bought enough wood and tin to fix six roofs for the very poor who only had plastic tarps over their houses. In the mornings the guys would work on the roofs, first tearing off the plastic and then getting rid of the small sticks that were used for frames. It was such a blessing to the people. However, it came at a cost. One day in particular was a very bloody day. One of the boys was working extremely hard trying to loosen a stick beam from the house when the hammer slipped and hit his knee. Thankfully no bones were broken. A few hours later, Adam (pictured with me next to the wood) slipped on the roof and hit his head on one of the sticks causing a deep gash on the top of his head. Matt Thompson came to the rescue with a good supply of bandages and antiseptic. Later Matt himself almost fell through the roof. Many things happened but thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.

This family was so happy to finally have a nice roof.

In the evenings the team held children's services. They tought the children some songs, a Bible verse, acted out a skit and ended the service with a story. The kids really enjoyed it. After the service each child received a brand new backpack filled with school supplies.

Matt and Brianne trying to help Seth get loose from "sin".

Those kids looooved their backpacks!!

This was the service in our H.I.M. church. The place was packed to the gills. God really helped us that night!

One day we took an hour and a half hike out into the mountains to a small village. People from this village attend the pastor's church. They walk two hours one way each Sunday. The hike was a lot of fun. Some of the nationals told us that white people had never hiked out to the village before. So in a sense our hike made history.

The men made sure they helped the ladies cross the stream.

In the village Adam read Sis. Budensiek's book, "Jesus My Very Best Friend". They listened so attentively.

This hut was very small. Gwin is holding their homemade broom.

On our way back to Managua to send the team home. We were stopped just thirty minutes short of the airport. Protestors had taken control of the highway and were protesting high interest rates that the government had put on their loanes. They were burning tires and confronting two small groups of policeman who were trying to maintain control. For eight hours we sat on the PanAmerican highway waiting to get through. A few decided to stretch out and take a snooze while we waited. We eventually did get through but the team missed their flight. All that morning Sis. Budensiek tried to get flights for the team. The planes were full so only two or three people could fly out at a time on other flights. When I left to come home most of the team were at the hotel waiting their flights for the next day. Hopefully they all made it home ok.
I must say this team did an excellent job. God really helped them to make an impact. It was a blast being able to work with them. Thanks so much TLC!! We are looking forward to working with you again soon!!


jeanne said...

This was quite an adventure.
But a successful one.
I'm happy for the people who got the new roofs and the backpacks.
Looks like you all had a good time...

Dorcas said...

Looks & sounds like you had a very busy & interesting time! We know several of the people who were with you on this trip. Mainly, Joy Budensiek, is one of my good friends. I had her for a teacher at PVBI many, many years ago and we've been friends ever since! It looks like the children enjoyed having her book read to them :o) Glad everything went well except the minor (?) accidents and that you're back home!

Beth Stetler said...

Sounds like a successful TLC trip. Hated to hear about the protesting - that's always disconcerting.

Scott said...

Very interesting story about your trip. I enjoyed it very much. Glad all went well.

Phillip D said...

Wow, what a time you all had! We appreciate the great work you both are doing there.

Christian love,

Joanna said...

That is amazing and awesome. The work and labor that was accomplished looked to be challenging but rewarding. And the literature, it really just amazes me what is still out there that need to be done, yet what a huge impact you guys have made. What an adventure!!