Sadness at Christmas

I just got word today that one of our little Sunday school boys was killed in a boating accident. Saul was with his brother and aunt on a boat in one of the more remote areas of Honduras when the boat flipped and he got trapped underneath it and drowned. Due to the remoteness of the area they were unable to contact his mother. He was buried before she ever got to see him. Please remember this family at this time of grief. Saul was a very good boy and came faithfully to Sunday school. He will greatly be missed.


jeanne said...

this is very sad:

Dorcas said...

Oh my!! How tragic and the poor Mother. He looks like a cute boy!

I remember Saul. He has 2 other brothers that came,I think. How sad.My heart and prayers go out to his family. He was a very special little boy. Always had a smile.

I'm so sorry. That is so tragic. Was he one of the boys who got saved?

AIM said...

Yes he was one of the boys who prayed. I'm not sure but I think he prayed the last Sunday he was here with us.