A Good Weekend

We were privileged to have Roger Ortiz and his family come and visit this past weekend. He preached for me at our new church point as well as here at our regular church on Sunday. The place where we have been holding services on Saturday's is called "the grapes". Sadly they don't grow any grapes there but we are sowing the seed of God's word and I believe we will see a harvest of souls. After Roger's sermon two children came forward to pray and ask Jesus into their hearts. God is working there at "the grapes". These people are very humble and have very little material goods. The majority can't even read. But they have been coming faithfully each week and our hopes is to soon build a roof to meet under. So far we have never been rained out. What a miracle. Keep praying for this new outreach.
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"The little children will lead them!"

How exciting! I just can't wait to see what Our God will do next!