Skulls, Crosses and Baptisms

Last week was spent in San Pedro Sula celebrating the tenth anniversary of our H.I.M. church. The weather was hot and steamy but the fellowship and the nightly services were refreshing.
The pastor of the church, Roger Ortiz, took us along with the Abel Rodriquez, (the special speaker) to a museum. It was a recap of Honduras history especially focusing on the history of San Pedro Sula. I thought it was very intersting to note that some of the ancient indian tribes that inhabited the area used to decorate their teeth with jade.

I thought how hard it must have been for the conquistadors to walk in their metal shoes and armour. They must have boiled in that stuff.

The church also held a baptismal service. It was a beautiful park with a crystal clear stream bubbling over the rocks. A perfect place. There were four candidates for baptism. Praise God for these new believers!!


lizzie said...

i bet JZ lovved the water!

Joanna said...

There is nothing like new believers. Praise God! There is just something about a baptism that makes your heart smile. Amen!.