A Ministry Milestone

Wednesday, August 27 was a major milestone in our ministry. In that Wednesday night service, H.I.M. president Sidney Grant along with national church president Roger Ortiz, dedicated our church. It was a wonderful service. Several people shared testimonies as to how the church has impacted their life, I shared the story of how God guided us to Honduras, and Brother Grant gave a wonderful message. Our church is now officially open, praise God! Part of the ceremony involved Brother Ortiz symbolically handing me the keys to the church to use this place to preach and teach the gospel of Christ. This milestone has been reached in large part because you our supporters and friends have joined with us in prayer and fasting! We are seeing the results of those labours. Thank you!


Praise God for these very precious milestones. we are so happy for all of the good news. Keep expecting greater things

EJ said...

ah! so my dad did make it down there...he didn't mention that! I thought he was only going to San Pedro. I hope you guys are well!

Joanna said...

Congratulations on a tremendous milestone Eric and Hannah and to all those who supported. We are all so proud and happy for you and your family.