Services in San Pedro Sula

We just got back from a trip to San Pedro Sula where pastor Roger Ortiz's church celebrated nine years of ministry. Thursday thru Sunday we enjoyed special services with Doctor Glenn Reiff as the evangelist. Here are a few of the highlights from this past week. We were also joined by our missions director Sidney Grant. It was a wonderful time together.

Here they are grilling lamb for our Sunday afternoon dinner.

Hannah and the ladies worked hard on decorating the church. They did a great job.

Sis. Reiff and Hannah practicing their skills at making tortillas.

I enjoyed playing guitar with the other guys during the services.

Enjoying a delicious meal at a place called Power Chicken. They have an amazing variety of typical food.


How interesting to read the report and see the pictures of our dear friends, the Reiffs, and others! We'll be praying for you on your trip!

Marc and Melodie

Jeanne said...

Hey...we are so glad you had a wonderful time with Roger and family, and happy to hear you had a safe trip. Be careful on the boat...don't let Joseph fall overboard...

Jeanne said...

...haha..while your looking at the camera, Joseph is reaching into the silverware...