The Day of the Program

We finished our eight week lessons on the theme of Christian Soldiers. This past Sunday was our program. What a day! We had made up the pieces of armour for a soldier, we had Eduardo represent Satan our enemy. We prepared little dramas for the kids to act out to teach the different pieces of armour that we need as Christians. We practiced several times through the week and handed out invitations for their parents and families to come and see the program. The kids were really excited and we were a little nervous not sure what was going to happen. We had our hopes for a big crowd but also had that gut feeling that well, people say nice things but following it through is something else.

So Sunday afternoon came and all our kids showed up ready to do the program. These kids are so full of energy and with the excitement of the program it was a little chaotic. By the time we were ready to start only our soldier`s sister had come and a few visiting children. We were a little dissapointed. But we did the program anyway. As we went along more and more children came and by the end as I was praying the dismissal prayer several ladies came. I couldn´t believe it. Right at the very end!! So when it was all said and done we had a total of 34 people. A record, sort-of. For about 10 minutes at least. Oh well. I`m glad they came. Maybe next time it will go a little better.