New Chairs

Two Sundays ago I was embarrassed to have two adults come to Sunday school and we didn´t have enough chairs. So to avoid this problem from happening again we bought twelve new plastic chairs to add to our classroom. This past Sunday every single one of them was filled. We had seventeen attend.
The people are mesmerized with the flannelgraph. They have never seen anything like it. They thought maybe I painted it, one lady even said it was a nice decoration for the room.


Anonymous said...

This is all starting to come together for you, and this looks like a nice Sunday School room. Tell me another story Aunt H.haha; Glad they like it..

lizzie said...

Oh what a nice class room!! Nice job!!

Momma J/T said...

Reminds me of rooms in Jordan. I am so proud of you guys. I can see where God is Blessing and Blessing. Always give Him the Glory.