It´s Here!

A big thanks to my mom and dad, uncle Gerald & aunt Sarah Hoch, my cousins Lorrie Rich & Pam Brought and their families for all going together to purchase a set of flannelgraph for us!!!
We were so excited to finally recieve our much anticipated gift. We only had to pay a dollar to get it out of customs!!
The kids are going to love it. They probably have never even seen flannelgraph before. Thanks so much for this special gift!! We will put it to good use.


Jeanne said...

Yeah, I'm glad you finally received it...Put it to good use. I know the kids will love it.

Momma J/T said...

Wow! What an awsome tool. Get busy Hannah cutting out all those pics., finding the right numbers for that particular story is the fun part. I'm sure Joseph will have fun too.

Anonymous said...

Good job guys..We all love to help see you get what you need to do your work there..Tim