A Super Sunday!

We were so excited this passed Sunday to have nine brand new children attend Sunday School. We had a total of fifteen!! The Lord really helped us. They were well behaved, listening attentively, quick to participate and easy to speak to.
Hannah is doing great with her Spanish. She taught the Bible verse and helped with the review game. She is quick on her way to becoming tri-lingual.
Continue to pray for these children and their families that they would continue to attend. Several prayed last Sunday to invite Jesus into their hearts. We want to see them become well established and future leaders in the church.


Scott said...

I love reading these stories and seeing all the kids!

Anonymous said...

Wow ...your church is really growing.
Look at all those kids.
Great Job!!!
Dad and Mom

Momma J/T said...

It really blesses my heart to see how God is opening doors for you guys. You all look so happy, No other joy compares to the joy of being in the center of His will.Just think preaching and teaching in just 3 months after being home. That is an awsome thought. Hannah it kind of looks like some of our services in Jordan, Do you think?

Jason said...

Sounds like things are happening down there! Thats just wonderful!Keep up the great job!