An Exciting Weekend!

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Our field director Roger and his family came to spend Christmas with us. They arrived early Sunday morning ready to go.
For Sunday school we had our biggest group ever!! A total of 35 people came! Two of them were adults and one was a teenager. How exciting! Roger told them the Christmas story and sang songs. Hannah made 48 red cup cakes with green icing topped with a yellow sugar star. The kids loved them!
Before everybody left we gave them each a gift. The boys received a clock, the girls a set of school supplies and the little children received a little toy.
Our house was packed! If this continues we will definitely be ready to move into the area that is being prepared behind our house. God is doing great things!


Jeanne said... guys were really busy for Christmas..but everything was exciting..I loved the part where you gave out the plates of food...that was awesome..

Scott said...

Glad you had a great time!

Jason said...

Happy New Year!! :)

wonderful story, wonderful pics

Kimberly said...

Hey! Just wanted to say Happy New Year and I love you guys! Take care and keep smiling. Hannah, you ready to come back? Maybe 2008.........