Youth Retreat Weekend

We just finished our annual youth retreat! What a wonderful time together. There were 35 of us including our children. It was a time of sharing, team activities, Bible teaching and memory making! We are so thrilled to see how God has been working in our teen's lives.
 Thursday night was a time of orientation and dividing up the teams.
Pablo has been doing a super job leading our young people.
Our theme for the camp was "Conquerors" . So we designed these shirts that said conquerors on the front and on the back it says "I will overcome in the name of Jesus Christ" and then a list of negative things surround that statement that we will overcome as Christians.
The back of the shirts. I will overcome in the name of Jesus: temptations, loneliness, depression, difficulties, confusion, bitterness, obstacles, sadness, trials, envy.
6 am was rising bell and 7 am everyone was to meet in this building for morning devotions.
Throughout the day the three teams competed in different activities. 
On the campground were several different monuments that commemorated an event from the life of Christ. We decided to take advantage of these scenes to teach how Christ overcame obstacles during His life. This service was about the storms of life and we can overcome the difficult times.
It's always a joy to see our young people digging in to God's Word.
Gaby talking to the young people about storms in life.
The camp was a beautiful place.
Friday evening we spent a special moment together around the campfire. They sang and worshiped and shared testimonies.
Daniel couldn't wait to roast marshmallows. 
Starting a new day with songs and prayer.
It has been amazing to step back and see God transform Rosa's life. This was her first youth retreat and she loved it!!
Misael is another testimony to the power of God's grace! He has been delivered from a life of darkness and sin!
The teams took turns helping Hannah and Mariah in the kitchen by serving the meals and helping to wash the dishes.
So much potential! Pray for our young people.
Enjoying some delicious baleadas.
The teams on a scavenger hunt. Bible verses were clues that led them to the next spot where they could find the next clue.
Looking for clues in the empty tomb!
This kid enjoyed every minute in the great outdoors!
We had a really special service at the scene of the last supper. You could sense God's presence.
Katy gave a wonderful talk on how we are to overcome pride using the example of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.

Raquel and Joseph gave a demonstration of the humility of foot washing.
Upset the fruit basket!
A good game of Headbanz, where each person has to guess the object on the card on their headband.
The winning team!!
Second place!
Third place!
All good things must come to an end. Now for the long trip home.
Everybody was exhausted!! But what an awesome time we had!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for this retreat. We praise God for the five young people who prayed to be saved!! It was hard work but it sure was worth it!