Conference Wide Youth Retreat

Throughout the year our churches and young people have been working hard and preparing for a conference wide youth retreat. Thirty young people gathered together for a weekend of services, competitions, and fun. The retreat was held in San Luis, on the beautiful campus of Evangelistic Faith Missions.
A really fun game called Headbanz. A card is put on the headband showing a certain object. The person wearing the card has to ask questions to the group to find out what is showing on their card. We kicked off the retreat with group games, ice-breakers and board games.
We had some special services. On Saturday morning God moved during the service and six of the young people came forward to pray and seek the Lord. These young people have tremendous potential.
We divided the group into three teams that competed in different activities. This relays was called Dizzy Stick, they had to run to a broom stick, go around it ten times and run back and tag the next teammate. It was hilarious to watch them try to run after getting so dizzy.
The teams lined up and ready for Dizzy Stick.
Run, run, run...
It was a nice warm sunny day. Here some of the kids are sitting in the shade taking a break while we got ready for the next activity which was a water relay.
The teams had to pass water backwards with a cup on top of their heads and fill a bucket at the back of the line.
Lots of kids got drenched in this activity...
Keep the water moving
Another super fun game was balloon stomp. They had to tie a balloon to their foot and then stomp everybody's balloons without breaking theirs. A lot of fun.
During Saturday night's service the teams each did a Bible skit.
This was the skit of the Good Samaritan. Here is the Levite passing by on the other side.
Another team did the skit of Jesus raising Jarius' daughter from the dead.
The prodigal son wasting his money and partying it up with his friends. They all did a great job on their skits.
Third place winners.
Second place winners.
The Champs

We hope to make this an annual event. Pray that we can reach these young people, the world is clamoring for their hearts and their attention but our prayer is that God will break through all the static and get a hold of their lives.