May Update

It's time to play catch up. Back in May we saw several new people start attending our services. Wendy and her two children Jennifer and Daniel have started to come to church. The kids are close to Joseph's age and have become good friends. Wendy is a single mom trying to raise her family and serve God. We are thankful that we can be part of the their lives and help them to prepare for eternity.
For Mother's Day we bought a set of glasses for each of the Mother's. The lady on the left in the pink shirt is also new at the church. Her name is Andrea. Just a few weeks ago she came to our house and wanted to talk. She said she felt miserable because she had hatred in her heart towards her daughter's boyfriend. We counseled with her and before leaving she knelt down at our couch and got saved!! God is really helping her to overcome and to grow in grace.
Hannah is teaching both the Sunday school class at Tiloarque and at Las Uvas. She helped the children make a special craft for their mother's. These are some of the children from Tiloarque.
We are pleased to see that our numbers in Las Uvas have been increasing. Presently there are about four new converts who are receiving discipleship for baptism. The work here has been slow but we are beginning to see some growth.
The children from Las Uvas with their Mother's Day craft. Pray for the boy in the front in the middle, his name is Pablo. He has been suffering with seizures, pray that God would heal him.