Trip to San Pedro Sula

This past weekend we made a trip to San Pedro Sula to preach a weekend open air evangelistic campaign. Despite not having a pastor, the church people have taken the initiative to reach out in their community. This was the first time they had ever done anything like this. They got permission to close off the street in front of the church so they could hold services. Several of the neighbors came out in front of their houses to listen.
God helped in every service. There were seekers in all of the services. In the last service many of the young people from the church came forward to pray.
On Saturday morning Hannah taught a ladies session on modesty. She did an excellent job!
On Saturday night we got rained out and had to have the service inside the church. But we still had a very good service. Bro. Israel brought a group from his church and some of our people from Tiloarque arrived to help out for the weekend.
On Sunday, the church ladies prepared a delicious lunch for everybody. We had such a good time together!!
Some of the cooks serving lunch.
This was Brother Gonzalo's first time to visit the church in San Pedro Sula. He loved it!! He almost didn't make the trip but he was so glad that he did.
This was taken during the altar service the last night of revival. There were six teens that came forward to pray. The girl in the middle with the black shirt started coming to the church when she was a little girl in Sunday school. She prayed to be saved!!! Thank God for His help.
On the way home from the revival we took our time and made some stop along the way to see some of the sights. This was at a train museum.
Inside the big diesel locomotive.
 All aboard!!!!
See ya later!
Later on we stopped at a zoo. Check out the king of the jungle!!
A baby hippopotamus that had died.
 Dan Dan loved seeing the Hippos!!
Momma and baby.
Daniel and the lion's den.
But one of our all time favorites at the zoo was the giraffe!!
Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?
Hannah had a flashback to Jordan when she smelled the camels!! haha


Jeanne said...

Very nice!
So glad you had a good turnout...
And the trip back looks interesting too...