Work At Las Delicias

Work is continuing on the church in Las Delicias. We contracted a mason to plaster the walls. He should finish it up this week.
Two Saturdays ago we went to get the floor ready to pour cement.
These guys have worked so hard on this project. It's been back breaking work. Here they are bringing in a load of sand.
Every time we go to work at Las Delicias Joseph is always excited to tag along. He gets to play with his friends and run free having the time of his life.
This past Saturday was the day to pour the floor. I was so impressed as everybody pitched in to help. Even the children came to work. They hauled in water from ponds and wells to mix the cement. Everyone worked hard.
Everything is done by hand. We had to cart in the sand, carry in the bags of cement, haul the water and mix it all by hand!! Then we laid the floor by sections.
Getting ready to pour the platform.
Emilio is our contracted mason. He has been doing a awesome job.
Moncha cooked lunch for everybody. She is so sweet.
Enjoying a good lunch. We needed the strength to finish the job.
Laying the different sections of the floor.
The mason that we had hired was not feeling well and couldn't stay the entire day. So Roberto and his brother Tito finished doing the floor work. They did an excellent job!
Here is the finished product. We finished at about 7:00 pm. Eventually as we get money we would like to put down ceramic on the floor. But at least for now we are out of the dirt. Praise God!!


Anonymous said...

Great job all around. I hate mixing concrete by hand, I think I'm just too tall.....

Jeanne said...

Wow! That is hard work...
I pray there will be many souls saved in this little church in the country...

Dorcas said...

That is awesome!! Lots of hard work put into this, but for such a good cause!!