In my devotions I have been reading the book of Ezekiel. I have found it fascinating. The opening chapter has left me meditating upon it now for over a week. In Ezekiel's first vision he sees four living creatures or cherubs that descend out of heaven. They have four heads, one head of a man, a head of a lion, the head of an ox and the head of an eagle. They have four wings and move upon wheels but Ezekiel states that they looked like a wheel within a wheel and they were full of eyes. Above these four creatures appears a throne and the likeness of God sitting upon the throne with a rainbow of glory shining about him.
I love the description and graphic detail that the prophet gives, it's powerful.
I have tried to glean some truth from these scriptures to apply to my spiritual life and frankly have found it a little difficult. But one thing that definitely has been impressed upon me is awe. Awe of these strange creatures and the glory of God upon His throne. After God spoke with Ezekiel through this vision and he was returned to Babylon the prophet sat astonished for a week! He didn't have words to express himself, he was left meditating and contemplating the vision. What power!! 
When was the last time you were left in awe of God and His mysteries? When was the last time you had a real glimpse of His power and glory? We have put God into blue jeans and t-shirts, made him so contemporary and relevant that we have lost a very important element;awe. Sometimes it is so spiritually enriching to go back and read the visions of Ezekiel, Daniel and John and be left in total awe, contemplating the absolute power and mysteries of our Heavenly Father. Oh to be awestruck with His word!
An artist's rendition of the cherub of Ezekiel's vision


Wow!!! So powerful!

debbie said...

I appreciated this post. Really does have one to think. I have been in some really awesome services here lately. Some you couldn't sit in your seat, but last Sunday you really felt the awe that you were talking about. You just had to sit in silence. Lord show us your power, and glory is my prayer.

Excellent post! I long for God's fear, glory, holiness, and righteousness to fill the earth. Thanks for sharing!
Phillip and family

Anonymous said...

Thats a wonderful imagining of the prophet's description. You have a wonderful talent. God Bless!

Could someone please tell me the artist name.