A Taste of Middle East

Mike Barjum and his family have become good friends. God has transformed Mike's life in a miraculous way, from darkness to light, from the pit to the rock, He has an amazing story. His mother is from Bethlehem, she moved to Honduras as a teenage girl, but though she settled in a far away country she and her family have held on to much of her Palestinian culture including the food. We were treated to a delicious Palestinian meal with Mike and his family. It almost felt like we were back in Jordan with Hannah's family. It was so good. We had cussa leben (stuffed zuchini and yogurt), hummus, kibeh (cracked wheat stuffed with meat and pine nuts deep fried) tabolueh, marmaon, sufiha and lots more.
From Left to Right: Joseph and myself, Mike's mother Lilian, Mike's son Daniel, Mike and his wife Mimi. Mike has two other sons that live in the states.


Jeanne said...

that meal looks delicious...

mmmmm.....I agree. Nice looking family too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mike and his family - we are very happy that they are doing well. They are lucky to have friends like you, with such a positive attitude.
John & Laura