Christmas Day

This year we kinda had a "last minute" Christmas. You see when I went to South Dakota I took advantage of the opportunity to go to Wal-Mart so I came back with a suitcase full of presents. The sad thing was my suitcase never showed up in Tegucigalpa, for some reason they left it in Atlanta. So they said to come back on Christmas Eve and maybe it would be here. It didn't show up on Christmas Eve either. Finally on Christmas day I was able to pick up my suitcase run home and wrap up the presents. Thankfully everything worked out and we had a really nice evening opening gifts together. I do have some pictures of Hannah but she is blogger shy. Sorry. All in all in was a nice Christmas!


Scott said...

Glad those gifts finally showed up. I was worried you wouldn't have anything to open up on Christmas Day. :)

Also, the Christmas play looked really nice.

Christmas is so fun when you have little ones, I like the look on Joseph's face in the second photo. It is full of anticipation. Even after everyone opened their gifts there was Kevin and Viletta's, and Ethan still wanted to open them. He loved opening gifts. I am sure Sarah is going to post a video and pix of their Christmas.