Home Sweet Home

We have been so busy and having so much fun, I havn't had time to blog. We did make it home in one piece and it's sooo good to be here. So many things have changed after being gone for two years, I hardly recognize some of my old stomping grounds. I'm afraid Hannah and Joseph are not adjusting to the cold very well. They both are coming down with colds. Hopefully they'll get better soon.

Keep us in your prayers. Over the next four months we will be doing a lot of traveling, holding deputation services. We need God's help.


Bethany said...

I appreciated your service at Beavertown Sunday night. It's nice to have you guys back. I'll be praying for you during these busy months of deputation!

Dorcas said...

Hope we get to see you all sometime while you're in the US!!

So glad you made it home safely! Enjoyed your pictures of the new church/roof, etc. Your terrain looks quite similar to much of Mexico. We'll be praying for you as you travel in deputation.

Anonymous said...


You promised me you were coming here..:(

Hope to see you while you are here.
BTW... the website looks AWESOME