God Heard Your Prayers

What an awesome Sunday!! God heard your prayers and fasting and I just wish you could have all been here to see the results of your prayers. The whole service was blessed by God. We had a record crowd with several visitors, there were a total of 28 in the service. Several who had missed for weeks were back today!!! God helped me to preach and I could sense He was working all through the sermon. When I finished some were making their way to the altar before I even really opened the altar. Six people came forward to pray including two men who have been wanting to get saved but have been battling drugs and other problems. They finally prayed to be saved!!!!! The presence of God was so real. God definitely heard your prayers and saw your fasting and dedication and moved among us!! It was beautiful. I can't say thanks enough to each one of you who participated in the forty hour prayer and fasting!! I know it's not something easy to do but it sure does work when we do it!!! Thank you thank you thank you. You all are helping to plant a church on your knees. We are so grateful!!!


That is so awesome! God is soo good!!

Leeza said...

WOW!!! Praise the Lord! that is so awesome!!!!

Leeza said...

can you PLEEEESEEE change my address on ur link list..:) Love ya:)

Praise the Lord!!! He is sooo faithful. It is amazing what God wants to do for us. We just need to take the time to meet with Him. sometimes it takes desperation in prayer. Whatever it takes, IT IS WORTH IT!!!!