Hurricane Update

Just wanted to let everyone know how things are going here in Honduras. We were expecting a lot of damage from hurricane Felix but thank the Lord it was a lot less worse than what it could have been. Here in Tegucigalpa we didn´t have much of anything happen, just a few showers. However, along the coast where Roger Ortiz is pastoring they have had quite a bit of flooding. He sent me these pictures.
They have opened the church for those who`s houses are flooded out. They are providing shelter, food and water.

The big problem they are facing right now are the rivers flooding. Those who live near the rivers are the ones in greatest risk.

The lady in the pink shirt and her daughter behind her (they both attend Roger´s church) had to take shelter at the church. Their little hut was flooded. Roger told me they ended up with about two to three feet of water. They lost some of the few things they had. Please pray for these families. The rivers are still rising. All the people can do is wait. They could really use your prayers as well as Roger and his family as they try to help them in this difficult time.

Here is an inside view of their house as the water began to enter.


Michelle said...

Thank the Lord that you all were missed. Thanks for the update. I will pray for the surrounding areas. Michelle J

Wow - that's sad. We'll pray for these families as they deal with Felix's aftermath.

Marc & Melodie

Charity (NC) said...

I'll be praying for their losses....

Scott said...

Good to know you are ok.