It's so hard to believe we are already in the middle of July. It seems like yesterday we were flying back to the states excited about the baby that was on the way. Now it's all said and done and Joseph is already two weeks old.

Though time has speedily been passing by, we have been enjoying every minute. Joseph has brought such a wonderful dimension to our life. He is growing stronger every day. He has already gained about a pound and a half since he was born. He is such a good boy. He makes some of the funniest faces when sleeps, I love to watch him. There is nothing like seeing him make big smiles with little dimples tucked in the corners. It just makes your heart explode with joy.

We want to say a big thank you for your many congratulations, gifts and cards for Joseph. We were just overwhelmed with kindness by so many wonderful friends and we want you to know we deeply appreciate it.


Dorcas said...

We need some pictures of little Joseph posted on here guys!!!

Kimberly said...

Hey! Finally I got to see some pictures! :) He is beautiful and I am so glad he's finally here :) Love you lots and hope to see you soon. PS> Give Joseph a hug for me<